MSOG, Inc.
PO Box 215
Ashland, MA 01721-0215

Mission / Purpose

Promote and encourage Massachusetts genealogical research at all levels, beginner, amateur, and professional.

Operating Year: September 2023 - August 2024

Society President: Terence Dugan
Vice President: Vacant
Recording Secretary: Carol Lerch
Treasurer: Diane Laferriere
Corresponding Secretary: Kelly A. Fox
Historian/Archivist: Wendy Sheppard
MASSOG Co-Editor: Elizabeth Grube
MASSOG Co-Editor: Seema-Jayne Kenney
Membership Director: Marc Henri Leuenberger
Past Times Editor: Jenny Stimson
Webmaster: Hope N. Tillman
Chapter Presidents
Bristol Chapter President: Deborah Pelletier
Merrimack Valley President: Carol Katsulis
Middlesex Chapter President: Kathleen Kaldis
Worcester Chapter President: Deborah E. Cardoni
State Committees
Annual Meeting Chair: Vacant
Audit: Robert M. Farmer
Bylaws: Vacant
Financial Planning: Diane Laferriere
Nominating Chair: Vacant
Technology: Vacant
Tellers: Vacant
Webinars: Carol Gafford
Webinars: David R. Robison
Delegates & Representatives
MA Genealogical Council: Linda B. MacIver
National Genealogical Society: Kathleen Kaldis
NERGC: Diane Laferriere
Bristol Chapter
Bristol Chapter President: Deborah Pelletier
Bristol Chapter Vice President: Bonnie Mendes
Bristol Secretary: Robin Lacroix
Bristol Treasurer: Kathleen Rubano
Bristol Membership: Cynthia Ricciardi
Merrimack Valley Chapter
MV Chapter President: Carol Katsulis
MV Chapter Vice President: Vacant
MV Chapter Secretary: Vacant
MV Chapter Treasurer: Bonnie Croteau
MV Chapter Membership: Nancy J. DiMento-Jerome
Middlesex Chapter
Middlesex Chapter President: Kathleen Kaldis
MiddlesexChapter VicePresident: Jen Grinnell
Middlesex Chapter Treasurer: Eric Reinhard
Middlesex Chapter Secretary: George C. Brown
Middlesex Chapter Membership: Vacant
Worcester Chapter
Worcester Chapter President: Deborah E. Cardoni
Worcester Ch. Co-VicePresident: Sandra Conley
WorcesterCh Co-VicePresident: Seema-Jayne Kenney
Worcester Chapter Secretary: Susan Dion
Worcester Chapter Treasurer: Jennifer Powell
Worcester Chapter Membership: Ann V. Jenkel
Worcester Chapter Publicity: Sharon Anderson
Nominating Committee
for Bristol: Kathleen Rubano
for Merrimack Valley: Carol Katsulis
for Middlesex: Vacant
for Worcester: Deborah E. Cardoni

Meeting Info

Bristol Chapter meets on the 3rd Saturday of each month from September through June from 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM. Unless otherwise noted, meetings are held at the Somerset Public Library, 1464 County St, Somerset, MA 02726
Merrimack Valley Chapter meets, generally on the fourth or last Saturday of the month from September to June. Unless other noted, meetings begin at 10:00 AM and are held at the Georgetown Peabody Library, 2 Maple Street, Georgetown MA 01833.
Middlesex Chapter meets in Middlesex County at various locations on the second Saturday morning of the month from September to June. Unless otherwise noted, meetings begin at 10:30 AM.
Worcester Chapter meets on the first Saturday morning of the month at 9:30 a.m. EST from September through June, unless otherwise noted. Many meetings are held virtually via Zoom.  When hybrid or in-person meetings are held, the in-person location varies throughout Worcester county. Please see individual event listings for the details specific to that meeting.
The monthly Webinars are held via Zoom on the second Thursday of the month at 7:00 PM.
The annual meeting of the Society is held on the first Saturday of November. The next annual meeting will be on November 11, 2023.