Do You Know that the original World War I draft records are stored and are available at NARA- Georgia? Do You Know that the WWI Draft Cards Came in colors?Do you Want to see a colored, clear image of the WWI Draft Cards or purchase a copy? Check out my copies!

First Draft (A)

Elmer Howard Stevens’ WW1 draft card from Ancestry. This is the first draft. Letter A means first draft.

Color version from NARA

Third Draft (C)

George Dewey Moore WW1 draft card. He was drafted in the 3rd draft. Letter C is the 3rd draft. This is from Ancestry.

George Dewey Moore, WWI draft card, third draft
color version from NARA. Note red print.

George Dewey Moore, WWI draft card, third draft

Well, thanks to Linda Woodward-Geiger CG.,CGL., I now have 2 colored clear WWI draft card documents.

Steps to Follow

I listened to the free webinar, sponsored by the Illinois State Genealogical Society (ISGS), called “Beyond the Draft Cards: Additional Selective Service Records of World War I.”
Description from ISGS: Explanation of the selective service process including discussion of the three distinct registrations; classification lists; inductees lists; appeals to the President; and records relating to delinquents and deserters.< Linda W. Geiger says this is what you have to do! 1. First find a copy of your ancestor's WWI draft record, i.e. in Ancestry

2. Look and write down the following information from the ancestry’s scanned copy.
Name, Date of Birth and City, County, State of Birth.

3. They also may ask for the address at the time of registration. (all this is on the scanned copy form

4. Give them the Registration Number. this is a set of numbers separated by 2 dashes.
ex. my great uncle Elmer, who was born in 1895; Registration number: 20-3-15 A (the letter A refers to the first draft)
ex. my great uncle George, he was born in 1900, the last draft signified by the letter C. Registration number: 20-3-13
Both of these men happened to registered in Lawrence, Essex, Massachusetts

5. Then you must give a next to kin ( in my case I named my mother saying these were her uncles)

6. Next, call NARA-Georgia at 770-968-2100. Tell them you request a colored copy of a WWI draft registration.
– they will attempt to locate your person and will email you whether they found it or not.

7. Respond to the following email and pay the $7.00 as requested.

We are responding to your request for the WWI Draft Registration Card of George Dewey Moore. The scan has been completed. The copy fee for the scan is $7.00.
You may pay the fee by check/money order made payable to the National Archives Trust Fund, mail to National Archives at Atlanta, 5780 Jonesboro Rd, Morrow GA, 30260.
You may also pay by Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover credit card by contacting us at 770-968-2100.< Please note reference-request number RE-AT-13-0499 when making payment. Thank you. submitted by Karen Trearchis.