How To Find Your Relative’s Image in His SAR Membership Application on

Has This Happened To You?

My Great grandfather’s Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) membership application is on Every time I click on the image of my Great grandfather, Elmer E. Stevens’ SAR membership application, I see an error.

I see 2 full pages, side by side. The page on the right shows my Great grandfather, Elmer E. Stevens. However, the image on the left, is for another man, during a different time period.

Steps to follow

What have I done about this problem? Well for over the past year, I have periodically reported to Ancestry that the image is wrong. I have never seen a change and never received an answer. Do what I learned at the 2013 Day, Boston, MA?


So if you come across something that has 2 images side by side, do not assume it is a single document, it may be pages in a book!

Submitted by Karen Trearchis