MASSOG: A Genealogical Magazine for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

MASSOG is published by the Massachusetts Society of Genealogists, Inc.

The editor for this volume was Ann L. Dzindolet.

Table of Contents


Vol. 14 No. 1 March 1990
President’s Message 2
Appointment Calendar 4
“Adopted” Children: How Should the Family Historian Report Them? 5
Queries 7
Catalogue of the Members, Second Church of Christ, Medway, MA 10
Genealogical Resources at the New Bedford Free Public Library 16
Graduates of Northbridge (MA) High School, 1868-1900 29
East Blackstone (MA) Cemetery 25
Computing Birth date from Death Date and Age at Death 26
“Massachusetts Sources” Index 27
“Massachusetts Sources: Part One” Order Form back cover
Vol. 14 Issue No2 June 1990
12 Ways to Get More Genealogy From Public Officials 33
Opening of the 1920 Federal Census 34
Ahnentafel of Greg Boom 37
Vital Data from Parkman’s Diary 42
Dating and Preserving Photographs 46
Saving Color Photographs 49
Acidity in Paper 52
Memories of Gideon Ball, 1785-18870 54
“Massachusetts Sources: Part One” Order Form back cover
Vol. 14 No 3 September 1990
Early Woburn Records: The Wyman Collection 61
Queries 63
Worcester County Superior Court: Naturalizations, 1837-1848 65
Causes of Death in the Late 19th Century 76
Editor’s Letter 78
Suffolk County Court of Common Please Records Book, 1701-1706 79
Watertown (MA) History 84
Watertown (MA): A Selected Bibliography 87
“Massachusetts Sources: Part One” Order Form 88
Appointment Calendar back cover
Vol. 14 No 4 December 1990
President’s Letter 91
Queries 93
Verry Cemetery, Blackstone, MA 96
Suffolk County Court of Common Pleas Records Book, 1701-1706, Selected Abstracts 98
Using Tax Records in Genealogical Research 101
Index to Volume 14 (1990) 112
“Massachusetts Sources: Part One” Order Form 122
Wyman-Richardson British Heritage Tour back cover