Susan O’Connor will present “Adding Spreadsheets to Your Genealogy Toolkit” via GoToWebinar. You can register for the webinar at You will receive an email with a link to join the webinar at the scheduled time.

Spreadsheets aren’t just for number crunching! With Excel or another spreadsheet program in your genealogy toolkit you can create research logs, produce parallel timelines for multiple individuals, analyze data to identify patterns and problems, and design diagrams depicting complex family and inter-family relationships. Examples of each of these will be presented in the context of actual research along with tips and tricks for creating them.

Susan O’Connor has been involved in genealogy since before she was born! When her parents announced their engagement, a distant relative declared “Maurice Bowler’s daughter has no business keeping company with Katie Manning’s son!” Testimony from an Irish missionary priest in Georgia enabled her parents to marry but it was only on their 60th wedding anniversary when Susan presented them with a detailed pedigree chart that they learned they were actually 3rd cousins. Susan has researched her family in Ireland, Australia and the United States and those of her husband and cousins from French Canada for over 20 years. She holds a Certificate in Genealogy Research from Boston University.