View the image for each record you find. Don’t accept the transcription with your hints.

I find that there are much more information on the image/page to offer. Examples:

  1. Census-  list street or rural, surrounding neighbors, income,  It doesn’t always add the “cousins” listed in the household on the transcription, the servant or boarder may later become a relative;[1880 US Census Ancestry Family Tree for the Nicholson family (always check the page before and after.)
    1880 census snip
  1. Newspapers- usually list the name but not the Mrs. before the name or others in the photo [example from Portland news for My Heritage hint for Arnold Bibber. It was his wife who was Viola Hutchins.]Hutchins Viola Bibber 1949 Sep 18 Portland newspaper Arnold


  1. OCR recognition also is open to incorrect spellings checking the document will verify if it is the person/s you are looking for.Hutchins Viloa aka mrs Arnold Bibber 1949 18 Sep Portland Sunday Telegram and Sunday Herald Press col 7

Reading or looking at the image, transcription versus the image when possible will clarify and offer much information for your family research.

Submitted by <a href=””>June Stearns Butka
May 4, 2016