Pros: Why use Family Tree?

  • It will be around as long as we have the Internet. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons) was founded 176 years ago and is committed to maintaining the website.
  • You can find relatives (though you need to verify them).
  • It’s easy to attach sources and you can find sources others have cited.
  • You can write explanations in “Notes.”
  • You can attach an unlimited number of photos, documents, stories, and even audio files.
  • If you clean it up, fix other people’s errors and even explain why, that will be a great service to others.
  • You can often contact other submitters.
  • It’s FREE.


  • Other people can change your stuff, so you will probably still want to have your own personal database.
  • You can’t GEDCOM your tree in. It would create too many duplicates. But you can send your file to “Pedigree Resource File.” See

Hints for working in Family Tree

  • Look for duplicates and merge them. Don’t delete them!!!
  • Use standard dates and places (unless you want to include more detail, like a cemetery name).
  • Notice the “help” button in the upper right corner. Don’t hesitate to call or email for help.

Submitted by Helen Ullmann
Middlesex Chapter