The Merrimack Valley Chapter enjoyed a wonderful and informative presentation given by Lawrence City Council President Marc LaPlante. He wrote and produced stories entitled “The Lawrence WWI Project.” The stories are about the 36 to 200 Lawrence residents who lost their lives during World War I, subsequently honored with special recognition by city officials with a bridge, park, square, or building named for them. Thank You Marc.                                                       

Following Marc’s talk, our President Diane Brooks-Sherry launched our Annual Meeting by announcing the new Chapter Officers for the term 2021 through 2023. Our group enjoyed a nostalgic slide presentation, “A Walk Down Memory Lane,” created by Wendy Shepard, our chapter Secretary and MSOG Historian/Archivist. We enjoyed a lively conversation, reminiscing about the Chapter’s events and tours from the past ten years. Following, we discussed an ongoing Chapter project, “The Recipe Donation,” led by Carol Katsulis our Vice President. She shared examples of printed book styles that can be used for the final recipe book.

Finally, capping off the two-hour-long celebration, Carol Katsulis shared a Chapter Recognition slide presentation. The past Chapter President Karen Trearchis and current Chapter President Diane Brooks-Sherry were among the people recognized for great leadership and volunteerism. The Rock Star of the group was Diane Laferriere, who is a founding member of the Merrimack Valley Chapter. Diane was recognized for not only being Merrimack Valley’s Chapter Treasurer, but also, for a second term, being elected MSOG’s Society Treasurer. Additionally, Diane has, in the past year, been our Acting Chief Technology Officer for our virtual GoToMeetings, GoToWebinars, and Zoom meetings during the Covid Pandemic. These are just a few of the volunteer duties that Diane has cheerfully executed while being a member of our Chapter. Of course, our Chapter members were also recognized with a huge Thank You!

Until next September, we say Have a Great Summer!

Many thanks to Diane Laferriere for all she has done!

Karen Trearchis

Karen Trearchis, Past President


Current President Diane Brooks-Sherry